All will Happen As He Had Said

All will Happen As He Had Said
All will Happen As He Had Said

“And the LORD visited Sarah as he had said, and the LORD did unto Sarah as he had spoken. For Sarah conceived, and bare Abraham a son in his old age, at the set time of which God had spoken to him” (Genesis 21:1-2).

From the verses above we can conclude that God always works in accordance with His Word. He started everything with His Word, then He did everything as He had said, and in the end all will happen as He had said.

Let’s take a look at its application in our daily lives:

1. God will pay attention to us, as He had said.

Without Sarah knowing it, all this time God noticed her life closely. The cause why Sarah did not realize it maybe because of different point of view. God paid attention to Sarah from the point of His Word He gave, while Sara noticed the act of God in her life only from the point of her problem and needs, instead of the Word that she received from God.

This is where the common difference between our point of view and God’s. While God is always centered on His Word, we, as men, have always centered on the problems and needs. That is what causes us to often feel God gives “less” attention to us.

In the case of Sarah, God continued to work in various ways to “condition” Sarah and her husband to be ready to accept the fulfillment of God’s promises, one of them by changing the name Sarai became Sarah. But Sarah was only focused on her infertility and frustration to be able to have children.

If only Sarah kept centered on the Word of God that she would be the mother of nations, regardless of her problems and needs, then she would know that God was very concerned about her life as He had said.

If only we have the determination to continue to focus on anything that is related to Him and want to continue to align ourselves to receive the fulfillment of His promise, then we will soon know, that God really cares for us, as He had said.

2. God will do to us, as He had said.

God is only responsible to do as He had said. If He has said to us, He will do for us as He has spoken. He will perform a variety of ways to fulfill what He had spoken unto us. God only concentrates working on His Word. If we continue to concentrate on the Word that we have received from God, then we will be able to see clearly the work of God in our lives.

In each step of our lives, He works to fulfill His Word. We really can see and realize His work in our lives that leads, protects, maintains, blesses, etc.

All that God is doing in our lives is only intended to fulfill His Word. If only all that we do in this life is to purposely fulfill His Word, then we will become partner with the amazing God! Let’s learn not to focus on our problems and needs, but to the fulfillment of God’s plan for our lives.

3. All will happen in His time, as He had said.

Just believe, in the end, all will happen in our lives as He had said! We are often impatient and do not believe in His Word. But just believe, in the end, all will happen as He had said. Therefore hold the Word of God, trust Him, and give attention to the Word to see its fulfillment!

Sarah waited for 25 years to see the fulfillment of the Word, but in the end the Word happened in her life.

Joseph waited for 13 years to see the fulfillment of the Word, but in the end the Word happened in his life.

If we continue to hold on to His Word, have a strong desire to see it happen, continue to struggle in prayer and faith to make it happen, then in the end we will see, all will happen as He had said in His time!

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