Divine Pattern of the Early Church

Divine Pattern of the Early Church
Divine Pattern of the Early Church

The church must be built according to the pattern of Heaven (Acts 2:41-47). If not so, the church will stray off somewhere, and does not fulfil the intention and purpose God created it. That is why the church should have a pattern. These are the divine pattern of the early Church:

1. The church is started and built upon life that has changed (v. 14-41).
The early church started with the rise of Simon (weeds) which is changed by the Holy Spirit to Peter (rock). A life that has changed can be used by God to transform lives of others, which is why he preached:

“Save yourselves from this untoward generation.” (KJV)

Three thousand people were repented and left evil deeds. From there the church was started and built. These were the three thousand people who truly repented and ready to be discipled, not just a company of people.

Church should be initiated and built by a leader who has undergone a change of life and with congregations who truly repent and are ready to be discipled.

2. The congregations persevere in one source of teaching resources from their leader (v. 42).
After they repented they began to be discipled. The Bible records they persevered in the teaching of the apostles, their leaders. Where did the teaching of the apostles come from? From one source, that is: Jesus Christ.

All the apostles received teaching from one source, Jesus. The congregations received teaching from one source, their leaders.

The leader should be a source that gives teaching to his congregations, so the congregations can persevere in that one teaching source.

If the leader can continue to receive the revelation of the Word from Heaven, the congregations should not receive teaching from various sources, thus they will have the same spiritual DNA and towards the same goal. That’s how the church can be one heart and one mind.

3. There is a spirit of unity among the congregations (v. 42, 46).
Because they learn the same teaching, they also have the same mind, so that unity can happen easily. If the congregations learn the same teaching, there will be no division in the local church.

4. There is a spirit of fear of the Lord and leader (v. 43).
The leader must be able to manifest the presence and work of the Lord, so that divine things can occurred in the midst of the congregations. Thus, the congregations will be seized by the spirit of fear of the Lord and leader, they do not only honor God but also honor the leader. Church that is built in the pattern of Heaven has respect in it.

5. There is a distribution of wealth by the leader (v. 44-45; 4:32-35).
The rich brought their possessions at the feet of the apostles and the apostles distributed them to the congregations in need, resulting a balance in the church. The church should be like that!

6. The congregations meet and worship dilligently (v. 46).
They realize the power of worship, that’s why they never underestimate the worship meeting. In their meeting, they experience divine encounter and life changing.

They received a fresh revelation of the Word which equips them to be able to live as a representation of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

7. Congregations have impact in the community (v. 47).
Because worship meeting equips the congregations to live as the representation of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, they become the people that have impact in their community, thus they are liked by everyone.

8. Increase in number (v. 47).
And lastly, after number one to six happen, then the church itself grows in number. So the growing number of congregations is not something that they earned. This is the effect that will happen by itself if the church is built according to the pattern of Heaven.

The divine pattern of the early church should be a mirror for us to build the church so that it is built according to heaven’s pattern (Divine Pattern).

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