Divine Pattern in the Work Place

Divine Pattern in the Work Place
Divine Pattern in the Work Place

When God puts us in the work place, it happened just like when God gave the land of Canaan to the Israelites (Exodus 34:10-24). We will seize the work place from the hands of the ‘giants’ that have been entrenched and ruled there, but God promises to drive them out from us and as time goes by God will expand our territory.

But there are several warnings that we need to consider carefully, and this should be a fence that should not be broken. This must become a divine pattern that is followed in detail and accurately.

These are the divine pattern in the work place that God has given:

1. Do not get caught to worship “their gods” (vv. 13-17).
When we interact with those in the work place, be careful, do not be caught to worship what they worship! Maybe they do not worship an image, but there are modern idols that they worship. Be careful! Do not worship what they worship:

a. Money
Do not ever make money as everything, let God continue to be everything in our lives. Do not rely on money in working and business, continue to depend on God!

What does control your heart and mind the most? Make sure it is God and not money!

b. Jobs
They make jobs as their God, that’s why they are enslaved by jobs. Do not worship jobs, do not be afraid of losing jobs! Because jobs are given by God. What does fill your hearts and minds the most? Make sure it is God and not a job!

c. Customers
Very often, customers also become our Lord. We are so afraid of losing customers so we serve and obey all their wishes. Do not worship customers!
Who do you serve and obey the most? Make sure that is the Lord and not customers!

d. Pleasure
This world pursuits and worships pleasure. Who do you pursuit and worship the most? Make sure is the Lord and not pleasure!

2. Do not forget where you have come from (v. 18).
God told them to celebrate the feast of unleavened bread to remember how God has freed them from Egyptian slavery.

God wanted them to remember that they were slaves, but because of the work of God through Moses, they were freed. Do not forget the work and the goodness of the Lord! Do not forget where you have come from!

3. Do not be greedy or materialistic (vv. 19-20).
Do not come to God with empty hands! God wants us to learn to give, that’s why there are many kinds of offerings made by the Israelites.

Why should we give? Because by giving, we destroy the greedy spirit in us. That we are not tied to money. We do not become greedy and materialistic.

4. Take care the balance of your life and body (vv. 21-22).
We must maintain His rest, it means we take care our life and body balance. There is time for work, there is time to rest, there is time to celebrate the result of the work, and so on. We must manage our time so that our body and life balance is maintained.

5. Take care your life priority (vv. 23-24).
We have to go into God’s presence regularly and discipline. God does not want us to be blessed and we forget Him. We must continue to take care our life priorities. The right priorities:

1. God and the fulfillment of His plan
2. Family
3. Work/ministry

If we follow the divine pattern in the work place accurately, God will expand our territory so that we can have more impact for the work place.

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