Just Believe God is in control of Everything

When we go through life, there are many things we can not control, that is why we should not rely on ourselves, we must learn to rely on God and just believe God is in control of everything so fear can not overwhelm us. Let’s look at the story in Mark 5: 21-43.

Just Believe God is in control of Everything
Just Believe God is in control of Everything

While Jesus was saying this, some messengers came from Jairus’ house and told him, “Your daughter has died. Why bother the Teacher any longer?” Jesus paid no attention to what they said, but told him, “Don’t be afraid, only believe” (vv. 35-36 TEV).

Sometimes we experience as Jairus experienced, we face these kinds of situations:

1. Dying
Jairus was facing a dying situation, his daughter was sick, almost dead. The situation as precarious, did not know what to do anymore. His only hope then was to come to God, expecting His miracle. Perhaps it is also the situation you are facing right now, and the same word comes to you as to Jairus, “Don’t be afraid, just believe!” Whatever situation you face, “Don’t be afraid, just believe!”, because your fear will not solve the problem and fear often makes you more panic and makes thing even worse. So it’s better “don’t be afraid, just believe!”

2. Hampered
In the dying situation, Jairus found hope because Jesus was willing to come to his house to heal his daughter. But alas, on the way to Jairus’s house, they met obstacle. Suddenly a hemorrhaging woman touched Jesus’ garment and make Him stopped because he felt there was power had gone out of him. The journey stopped there long enough.

That is often what we also experience, when expectations are soaring, suddenly there are obstacles in the way. The prayer that should have been answered now is delayed. The blessing that should already at hand now is gone. You feel tense again waiting for God’s help. But once again the word comes to you, “Don’t be afraid, just believe!” Don’t blame others, keep believing in God.

3. Too Late
As Jesus took care of the hemorrhaging woman, some messengers came from Jairus’ house and brought the news that Jairus’ daughter was dead. “Oh! Why did this have to happen?! My daughter should have been healed, but because the delay, now my daughter has died, it’s too late! It’s too late!”

Maybe you have ever experienced like this, you feel it’s too late, there’s no use in “troubling” God, there’s no use hoping anymore. You pause in silence, feel sorry for everything that has happened. But the same word comes to you, “Don’t be afraid, just believe! Don’t be disappointed, don’t feel sorry for the situasion or anyone else, don’t be afraid, just believe!”

We often think the situation is dying, so we are in a hurry, but Jesus is calm. We often think the time is very urgent, so there is no time to take care of other people’s problems. But Jesus is calm. We often think it’s too late, God is waiting too long to act. There is nothing could be done anymore. But Jesus remains calm. He keeps saying, “Don’t be afraid, just believe!”

God is never in a hurry because He believes with His abilities. We are the ones who are often in a hurry because we don’t believe in His abilities.

Today, let us learn to believe in His ability. No matter what happens, no matter what the situations, “Don’t be afraid, just believe!” At the end of the story, Jesus proved His ability, Jairus’ daughter raised from the dead and his problem was solved, he won!

In the end, Jesus will also prove His abilities in your life. Just believe God is in control of everything, so “Don’t be afraid, just believe!”

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