Life Must Go On

Life Must Go On
Life Must Go On

Time and life can not be stopped, reversed, or repeated. Whatever happens they will continue. They will not stop or reverse or repeat. Life Must Go On!

They will not wait for you, they will continue. Everything that has been lost might return but time and life can not return. If you lost them, they are lost, it means wasted in vain.

“She died in Hebron in the land of Canaan, and Abraham mourned her death. He left the place where his wife’s body was lying …” (Genesis 23:2-3).

Many people do not understand the principle above, that is why they are wasting time and life in vain, by playing games, watching TV, or being lazy all day long. They thought time would wait for them.

Suddenly they found they are old, and they have not become anything, and have nothing. After it happened, they start regretting, regret always comes late!

There are also people who waste time and their lives because they experienced traumatic events, for example, lost their loved ones, such as children, wives, fathers, mothers, etc. They stopped living because they were ‘carried away’ by that lost.

The problem is time doesn’t want to wait for you. If you stop, you are the only one who stopped, but time and life will go on. You will lose that time and life.

Learn from Abraham, he was left by Sarah, the wife whom he loved. He mourned her death, but after that he buried Sarah and left his dead wife. It’s not that you are not allowed to cry or mourn, but do not get carried away there, do not linger there. Remember, life must go on. The Bible also gives advice:

“Our brothers, we want you to know the truth about those who have died, so that you will not be sad, as are those who have no hope” (1 Thesalonians 4:13).

Why we should not waste time and life in vain? Because time and life have other characteristic, namely: They would side with us if we use them  properly and optimally.

Time and life would be very useful and can give a lot of good things to us if we could use and maximize them. They will greatly favor to us, they become a good friend to us. But if we continue to waste them, they will become our enemy. They can hurt and make us suffer indefinitely. Proverbs says:

“The hand of the diligent shall bear rule: but the slothful shall be under tribute” (Proverbs 12:24).

“The way of the slothful man is as an hedge of thorns: but the way of the righteous is made plain” (Proverbs 15:19).

“The sluggard will not plow by reason of the cold; therefore shall he beg in harvest, and have nothing” (Proverbs 20:4).

Lazy person is a person who likes to waste time and life in vain.

When we experience something tragic, we could be lazy to do anything. We also would waste time and life in vain. Therefore get up! Do not get carried away! Do not stand still! Life must go on!

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