Pray Based on our Relationship with God

Pray Based on our Relationship with God
Pray Based on our Relationship with God

When Jesus taught His disciples about prayer, He gave two parables, one is about a friend who asked his friend, another one is about a boy who asked his father. And it came to pass, that, as he was praying in a certain place, when he ceased, one of his disciples said unto him, Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples (Luke 11:1-10).

If we pray, come as a friend and as a child. An effective prayer is always based on a relationship. The better the relationship, the more successful the prayer, that’s the principle.

If we pray based on our relationship with God, then we can decide what we ask, how much we ask, and when we receive what we ask for.

Have you ever met a beggar? Do you notice how he asks? A beggar asks without strong convictions. That’s why he usually asks just a little. He is not able to determine what he requires, how much he asks, and when he receives.

I have never met a beggar who boldly said, “Sir, I ask for 100.000 now, because I need it. “A beggar does not have the courage to ask because he does not have a relationship with the person who is asked. A beggar can not determine what is asked, how much is requested, or when he will receive it.

Many people pray with beggars’ approach and not as a friend or a child as Jesus taught. Therefore, they pray with doubt, do not dare to determine how much they want to ask, and do not know if their prayer is granted or not, exactly the same as a beggar asks.

Jesus told, there was a friend who at midnight knocking at the door of his friend’s house and asking for 3 pieces of bread. That could not be done by a beggar.

Why do so many people pray sheepishly and hesitantly? Because they do not have a good relationship with heavenly Father. Why do people pray and get moderate results? Because they do not have a relationship!

Relationships make us pray with confidence and courage that can not be understood and can not be done by people who do not have a relationship.

This is how my son asked me: “Daddy, I ask for 500.000 to pay school fees. Latest tomorrow it has to be paid, so tomorrow you should give the money to me!” and then he added more, “Do not forget it!”

For others who heard it, it felt a bit insolent, but that’s the way a child asks his father.

Are you His friend? Are you His son? Starting today, build a relationship as a friend and as a child of God, and begin to pray based on that relationship!

Don’t pray like a beggar anymore! Pray as a friend, pray as a child, pray based on our relationship with God! If you do that, it means you are praying in a different way and you will get different results. Good luck!

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