Pray Until Win

For years, Esau became a scourge of the most frightening and very disturbing for Jacob that can never be conquered (Genesis 32:22-32). For years Jacob has been trying to avoid Esau, but this time he can not avoid it. In his fear, he took the decision to wrestle with God until win, and finally he won and was free from this struggle, once and for all. Perhaps you have a struggle that is never resolved, but if you make the decision to fight to pray until win like Jacob, you are going to win and be free from this struggle once and for all.

Pray Until Win
Pray Until Win

“The victory that we achieve through the fight in prayer will become a permanent victory”

Have the determination to fight in prayer until win! What does it mean?

1. We pray until we see God face to face (v. 30).
Jacob can wrestle with the angel of God who was the appearance of God himself because he saw Him face to face. We can never wrestle with God until we see him face to face. Do not stop praying until we really know that He is before us. This is a prayer between life and death, not between awaking and asleep.

2. We pray until we receive His Word (v. 26).
Jacob prayed until God blessed him. The word bless in the Amplified Bible translation is to declare His Word. The Word is the solution to all problems of our lives, that’s why we should pray until we receive His Word, and make the Word as a weapon to change the facts.

3. We pray until we receive a new identity (v. 27-28).
God renamed Jacob became Israel. It meant that he gave a new identity to Jacob. Jacob means the person who took the position of others unlawfully, was changed to Israel which means the person who will rule as God. As long as Jacob continues to be Jacob, he will not be able to conquer and change Esau. But when Jacob became Israel, he can do it. To conquer the old enemy we need a new identity from God. Therefore, do not stop praying until God gives a new identity.

4. We pray until our lifestyle changes (v. 25).
After struggling with the God, the hollow of Jacob’s thigh was out of joint so that made his way of walking changed. This is talking about lifestyle changes. Esau changed into loving Jacob because Jacob lifestyle changes.

“When we are experiencing a change in us, everything around us will soon adjust. Because the real problem is not what is around us, but what is in us”

Therefore, just keep wrestling with God and His Word until our inner being changes and our lifestyle is also changing.

5. We pray until a new day comes into our lives (v. 31).
After wrestled with God and His Word which impacted on lifestyle changes, then a new day will come into our lives. A day that completely different from our previous days. And since that day we will continue to live under open heaven. Do not stop praying until we enter a new day!

Pray until win must be our motto when praying so that each of our prayers will produce significant changes in our lives.

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