If the Spirit of God Continue to Rule Over Us

Through the ministry of Samuel, the Spirit of God poured upon David (1 Samuel 16:13-14), and the Bible records: “…and the Spirit of the LORD came upon David from that day forward” (verse 13), but in verse 14 we find Saul experienced the opposite. What happens if the Spirit of God continue to rule over us?

If the Spirit of God Continue to Rule Over Us
If the Spirit of God Continue to Rule Over Us

While the Spirit of God ruled over David, the Spirit of God had departed from Saul. Saul received an outpouring of the Spirit of God through the ministry of Samuel, too, but while David can continue to keep Spirit of God ruled over his life, Saul can’t.

That is why the Spirit of God departed from Saul. When we received an outpouring of the Spirit through the ministry of a servant of God, we must keep the Spirit of God that has been poured out to rule over our lives.

This is the impact that we can experience if the Spirit of God continues to rule over us:
1. We will be known as the man who is accompanied by the Lord (1 Sam. 16:17-18).
When King Saul was looking for people who are good at playing the harp to comfort him because he was troubled by an evil spirit, his servants proposed the name of David, and this was their opinion about David: “[He is] a mighty valiant man, and a man of war, and prudent in matters, and a comely person, and the LORD is with him”.

Notice, after a series of opinions about David, they added this title: and the LORD was with him. This is the title that need to always be in our lives. We may not have a degree and other titles, but as long as we have this title, is enough. But to have the title as the person who is accompanied by the Lord, we must make sure that the Spirit of God continues to rule over us.

2. will always succeed in whatever we do (1 Sam. 18:5, 12-14, 30).
Wherever David goes to war he was always successful in his journey, even when Saul was expecting him to die in battle. Many people make excuse over their failure: “My boss is sentiment to me; the people are irritating, this is not my area of expertise!” But if we can make sure the Spirit of God continues to rule over us, we can succeed in whatever we do.

David was a shepherd, became a soldier is not his area, but when needed to be a soldier he succeeded as well. David said, “Victory is not determined by a sword, a spear or a shield, but by God. It is God who gives the victory!”

3. We will be getting stronger and invincible (2 Sam. 3:1).
People who continue accompanied by the Spirit of God will become stronger, while those who already left by the Spirit of God will become increasingly weak. If we can make sure the Spirit of God continues to rule over us, then we will continue to rise in all areas of our lives. We will become more and more powerful and invincible because our enemies become weaker and weaker.

4. We will always experience God’s protection and providence in any difficult situation (1 Sam. 19:9-12)
Because of envy and fear unrivaled by David, Saul became so desperate to kill David. Since then, David became a fugitive of the king. He fled into the wilderness and lived from one cave to another, trying to escape from the pursuit of Saul. It’s not easy being a fugitive of a king, especially David wasn’t alone because there were hundreds of people who followed him. But in a difficult situation, David was still enjoying the protection and providence of God, because God’s Spirit continued to rule over him.

There were many things that God was doing to protect and preserve the life of David and all his followers. When we entered the “wilderness” because of obedience and guidance of the Spirit in our lives, God is responsible to protect and preserve our lives. With a divine way, He will continue to protect and provide everything we need until we reach the finish line that He set for us.

5. God will send the people that we need to fulfill the divine destiny (1 Sam. 22:1-2, 1 Chron. 12:22).
Divine Destiny for David was being made king over all Israel and established the Kingdom of God there. This can not be done alone; he needed people to fulfill the destiny that God set for him. Without David’s request, God sent the people that he needed. When in the cave Adullam, God sent 400 people.

At first, maybe they were the people who were in distress, in trouble, and in debt (1 Sam. 22:1-2), but once formed by the hand of David, they became a great army of God (1 Chron. 12:22), who later helped David became king over all Israel.

That’s what happens if the Spirit of God continue to rule over us, we will experience all of the above.

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