The New Earth in the Old Earth

The New Earth in the Old Earth
The New Earth in the Old Earth

The Israelites were God’s first trial, chosen from the descendants of Abraham. The people of Israel were called and formed by God as His chosen people, to create different people in different worlds: Distinguished people!

Ten plagues occurred in Egypt (Exodus 7:14–25; 8–11; 12:29–30), but the Israelites who lived in Goshen did not experience the plagues. Even though Goshen was in the same Egypt.

Imagine this: Suddenly swarms of flies invaded all of the lands of Egypt, except the land of Goshen. It is as if the flies know which place to storm and where to distinguish (Genesis 8:22). This proves that God can create His own world amid His people. In the tenth plague, the firstborn, both humans and animals died throughout the land of Egypt. But miraculously, none of the deaths occurred in the land of Goshen. In all the land of Egypt, there was weeping, but in Goshen, there were cheers and joy because of what God had done. God created a new earth in the old earth.

However, God’s first trial failed miserably, because Israel always tends to turn to other gods. Eventually, they became evil until finally banished to other nations. The people of Israel failed but God’s plan cannot fail. That’s why He continues His plan to raise people who live differently and are distinguished by God. Who are the different people God is raising? CHURCH!

The Church was born by God with His own body. Why did Jesus have to die on the cross and rise on the third day? So the church can live. The church was born to create new heavens and earth in the old world so that people who live in the old world are interested in entering the new world. God is gathering a chosen people who are willing to give themselves to be recreated, formed by Him, together with Him to create new heavens and earth. That is why God’s plan now is not to eliminate heavens and earth but to recreate, namely to create new heavens and earth.

How did God create new heavens and earth? This time He wants to involve God’s people. (His church). God uses us to create new heavens and earth. The way is God put the word in our mouths to recreate this evil world. God used to declare alone, now He puts His words in the mouths of His people. Realize this, we are God’s partner to create a different world, namely God’s world. The new heavens and earth is God’s world.

Let’s create God’s world, we bring heaven to earth. We can create heaven on earth. Heaven here is not talking about a place, but about dimensions. If we release the word and declare it, then something happens! Heavens and earth begin to manifest, a new world will begin to be created, we will experience days of heaven on earth! We are still in the world, but we are not from this world. We are not people of the world, we come from Heaven. That’s why our lives must be different, what we experience must be different from people out there. Because we have to be in a new world, which is God’s world! Welcome to His world!

I declare, from this day forward we begin a new spiritual journey, entering a new world, a world of God filled with divinity, a supernatural world. Everything that happens in our lives will happen supernaturally! We will not experience what others experience. Our lives are different! What we experience is different because we live in a new world. We do live in the same world, but we have our own world, which is God’s world.

People of the world may experience a crisis, we don’t, because our world is different. Don’t think we’re the same as them! No way, we are different! We are tasked with creating new heavens and earth. How? God put the word in your mouth! And when you say it, something must happen, I believe from this day God will give you the power to speak, and when you speak, what you declare happens! Amen!

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