The Path of the Just

God has set the path of the just is as the light of dawn, which is increasingly brighter until one point, it reaches the brightest light (Proverbs 4:18-27). Getting brighter and brighter, not getting darker. Getting higher, not getting lower.

“But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day” (Proverbs 4:18).

The Path of the Just
The Path of the Just

How to shape such path of the righteous like this in us? Here’s the process:

1. The Word comes into our hearts (verse 20).
First, the Word must enter into our hearts. For that to happen, we need to pay attention to the way we hear the Word, because if not, we only hear the Word but it does not enter into our hearts. We must incline our ears to His Word alone, and look closely at each of His Words. Make sure every Word that we hear/read enter into our hearts!

2. The Word stored/embedded in the depths of our hearts (verse 21).
The Word that is already entered into our heart must continue to be contemplated until it is embedded “deep” in the depths of our hearts. The Word is like a seed, as long as it’s not planted, it will not produce fruit. Many people only become ‘collectors of seeds’ but never made a seed planted in him.

How to embed the Word:
1. Memorize it by declaring it constantly.
2. Imagine it happening in our lives.
3. Align the area of our lives that has not been in accordance to His Word.

3. The Word works in our lives (verse 22).
The Word that is already embedded definitely works within us, quickens our spirits and souls and refreshes and nourishes our bodies. The seed begins to grow and produce fruit.

4. The Word becomes the springs of life in us (verse 23).
The Word continues to work in us until it becomes a spring of life. We will not experience spiritual dryness anymore. There is always freshness and new strength from within us. What we need to do is to continue guarding our hearts with all diligence, so that the water of life is not clogged.

5. The Word overflow out of us (verse 24).
The Word that has already filled us will eventually spill out of our mouths and will begin to touch the lives of others. What we need to do is to guard our mouth to say not in vain, so that the Word is out purely.

6. The Word becomes vision/destiny of our lives (verse 25).
The Word that has filled us will also be a vision/destiny of our lives. The Word is the only reason for us to live, everything we do is aligned with the Word, and our lives have always been stirred by the Word. The Word that is ‘filled’ us, now ‘controlled’ us.

7. The Word becomes our way of life (verses 26-27).
The Word that has already controlled us now becomes our way of life. At this point, the Word will be fulfilled:
“But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.”

The path of the just should be experienced by the believers, that is why when we go through the process, we will experience the path of the just.

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