The Permanent Victory

The Permanent Victory
The Permanent Victory

“After Saul became king of Israel, he fought all his enemies everywhere: the people of Moab, of Ammon, and of Edom, the kings of Zobah, and the Philistines. Wherever he fought he was victorious. He fought heroically and defeated even the people of Amalek. He saved the Israelites from all attacks” ( Sam. 14:47-48).

“David was successful in all the missions on which Saul sent him, and so Saul made him an officer in his army. This pleased all of Saul’s officers and men” (I Sam. 18:5).

Saul and David started at the same point: They are anointed to be king by Samuel, and after that they won victory after victory. But they continued and finished at a different point.

“The fighting between the forces supporting Saul’s family and those supporting David went on for a long time. As David became stronger and stronger, his opponents became weaker and weaker” (II Sam. 3:1).

David managed to make the victory that he had received from God to be the permanent victory, even to his offsprings; But Saul did not. We can start at the same point but continue and finish at different point.

Do you still remember? At the beginning of your encounter with God, there are many victories that you feel and experience? But after that, victory comes and goes in nature, and you are getting weaker and weaker and eventually you lose the victory. Why is that? Can we maintain the victory that we have received? Can we have the permanent victory? Let us learn from the life of David.

1. Continue to live by faith (I Sam. 17:40-54).
We begin our Christian life with “believing” so we should continue our Christian life with that until the end. David lived based on believing. Since he became a shepherd, he believed that it was God who protected him from the lion and bear attacks and it was God who gave him the ability to beat them (I Sam. 17:37).

When facing Goliath he believed that the battle was in the hands of God, (I Sam. 17:47). In facing every battle he believed it was God who always gave him the victory. That’s why he never relied on his ability and expertise, but continued to rely on Him who gave the victory to him.

2. Continue to live under God’s guidance.
In every problems he faced, David always made decisions based on God’s guidance. At the time he was being chased by Saul to be killed, he always asked for God’s guidance as to what he should do, so he remained safe in God’s protection. At the time of war he also always asked for God’s guidance, that’s what determined his victory.

Following God’s guidance also means do not violate the conscience. In I Samuel 24, David had the opportunity to kill Saul, but his heart was pounding when he was about to do it, he immediately canceled and forbade his soldiers to touch Saul.

People who live under the guidance of the Spirit always listen to God’s direction and does not violate the conscience. That’s what determines his victory.

3. Living by the Word/God’s promises.
David has always held the promise of God in his life and lived by that promise. For David, did not live base on promises is a sin,

“With faithfulness and love he leads all who keep his covenant and obey his commands” (Ps. 25:10).

“I treasure your word above all else; it keeps me from sinning against you” (Ps. 119:11 CEV).

David could face the critical time in his life because he lived by promises. Whatever facts that he faced, he held on to His promises, because he knew God would fulfill His promises.

Those are three keys that make us always have the permanent victory and live victoriously. Meditate and apply them, and the victory will be permanent in our lives.


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