God Will Do as He Says

God Will Do As He Says
God Will Do As He Says

“And the LORD visited Sarah as he had said, and the LORD did unto Sarah as he had spoken. For Sarah conceived, and bare Abraham a son in his old age, at the set time of which God had spoken to him. And Abraham called the name of his son that was born unto him, whom Sarah bare to him, Isaac. And Abraham circumcised his son Isaac being eight days old, as God had commanded him.” (Genesis 21:1-4).

There are three words underlined from the above verse. Note this, when God speaks His words to people, various things happen so that the words can be manifested in that person’s life. If we are people who have received God’s words, today God will do various things in our lives so the words that have been spoken in our lives will be realized, become reality in our lives!

God will not allow His word to pass by. God surely will put effort in various ways to make His words manifest in our lives! The words of God in our lives will come true in our lives! The words spoken by Him will not return to Him in vain, but the words will carry out His will as He wishes!

So, when God speaks His words to us, it will not just pass away. He is working in our lives, He does various things in our lives! And I hope, when God works in our lives, we realize that God is working in our lives. God has spoken many words in our lives, that’s why I believe God is not standing idle in Heaven. God is working among us.

God is working inside and around us to make His words that He has spoken manifest in our lives. God will not stop until those words are manifested in our lives. He is not a God who does nothing, He loves to work, God is still working and will continue to work in our lives! He works in all things for good to those who love Him, that is, for those who are called according to God’s purpose.

In Hebrew (the original language), the word ‘visited’ there turns out to be from the word paq-ad. In English, there is one word to translate the meaning of this word, namely overseer which means to supervise, regulate, guard. So when the word says God visited us as he had said, it could also mean God will watch over us as he had said.

After He has spoken His words in our lives, don’t think that He does nothing, and we just waiting for His time to work. No, He works and watches over us. So, after He has spoken His word to us, He is watching over us. God’s eyes are on us, on those who have accepted God’s word. He is watching what we do, what has been done, and what we believed. Whether we do our part or not, how are we doing, are we weak, are we strong, do we need to be strengthened, need to be edified, and so on.

He watches over all of our lives. He watches all of our movements, and He knows what is in our hearts and minds. We are no longer the same as other people. When a person receives God’s words, he or she immediately becomes a different person because God’s eyes are on this person, on this person’s life, keeping an eye on this person.

Therefore, God will treat us the way we do because God is watching over us. God keeps an eye on our paths, whether they are straight or tortuous. God also knows our lies. If we are right, God also knows our truth. If we do things that please God, God also knows. God is not a person who misjudge because God is never prejudiced in His way of thinking.

Never think of ourselves as just anyone. When we receive the word, we are not just anyone, we are someone that God holds. That’s why if our thought is not straight, God will straighten our lives, He arranges various things to destroy all our wrong thoughts. Jesus even said that the hair on our heads would not fall off without His permission, even though the hairs on our heads are countless. God is detailed.

Look at Abraham‘s life, He invested various things so that Abraham would believe in Him even more. To make Abraham mature in faith, he was taught by looking at the stars in the sky and by looking at the sand by the beach. So, always believe that we continue to grow because God works to instill the things we need so that we can receive the fulfillment of His promises.

When Joseph received words from God in a dream, from then on, God began to watch over Joseph’s life. God organized Joseph’s life and took care of him. From the very beginning when Joseph was instructed by his father to find his brothers in the pasture until he became a ruler in Egypt. God watched over Joseph so that he did not die prematurely. Likewise, the life of David who became king but was chased by Saul because he was about to be killed. God was watching over him.

Likewise, God watches over us and we also will not die prematurely. All we have to do is respond to God and empty ourselves. Our old selves must be transformed into new ones. God will do in His appointed time as He has spoken.

There are two words in Greek that are translated into Indonesian with the term time. The first is the word kairos which refers to God’s Time. The second word is kronos which refers to ordinary time; time spent by humans.

When I say “God will do it at His appointed time,” I’m talking about kairos. However, there is a connection between kairos and kronos. Usually kairos will be preceded by chronos, from chronos we can get the word chronology. So usually what will arrive first in your life is  chronos, there is a chronology. There are signs that the kairos is coming, there is chronos. So when the kairos will come, the kronos will come first. Kairos was preceded by kronos. That’s why when kronos has come into our lives, we must know that the time will come soon.

Why do we have to seek God? So that our whole life is adjusted with God. When our whole life is adjusted with God, the more we become one with God, and kairos will enter into chronos. God’s time will enter into our time, merge with our time so that kairos will become a reality in our time. Therefore, we have to better tune our frequency to God’s frequency. We have to pull kairos to happen in our time

“And Abraham circumcised his son Isaac being eight days old, as God had commanded him” (Genesis 21:4). This is our part: God will watch us as He has spoken, as He has promised. God will do exactly at the appointed time, as said, but we must do as He commands. If we continue to fully condition our lives to do everything as He commands, then He will watch us as He says.

Get ready! Because God is at work! It is true that I do not see the physical signs, but I feel that God was really continuing to work. He will continue to work! He will do it, finish it, and perfect it!

God will complete all His work in our lives! Be thankful we have a God like Him. Because if we don’t, our work will be too difficult. Every word He has spoken He will do, finish, and perfect. He can perfect it.

We will all finish our race of faith perfectly because He who has started our journey of faith, He will also finish it, He will also complete it! Amen!

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